Author Ashwini Kukreja

The Yellow is an interesting story in simple language that empowers the reader to invent possibilities and get better at decision making.

I am the girl, the boy, the boatman or the woodcutter? This revelation stumps us! The Yellow Quadrant beautifully explains how happiness and social responsibility play a vital role in people’s actions. The title, The Yellow is so, as our pure white innocent nature, with which we are born, gets tanned to a shade of yellow, due to influences of life like parenting, schooling, internet, friends, TV etc. This yellow controls how we behave in a situation and affects our decision making. Is this the perfect yellow for us? Or we wish to change to a different yellow which works for us? The guided memory exercise helps to shift from one to the other quadrant. The Yellow offers unique takeaways for every reader.

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About the Author

Ashwini Kukreja
Founder & MD - Realtime IT Concepts Pvt Ltd
Founder - Yellowskill Consultancy

A self made entrepreneur, with 25 years of experience in hard core sales and people management, Ashwini has created and grown many businesses. Recently he’s created probably the world’s first Video Based Psychometric Analysis Tests for professionals and students. His qualifications are diverse from being a Computer Engineer to a Life Coach, a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coach, Trainer, Speaker and now an Author .

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