According to human psychology, it is proven that we behave in a particular fashion depending on the situation and our basic nature. Given a particular circumstance, different people may react differently. Hence, the story is narrated which tries to establish a connection with our inner self, through the interesting characters; and then, relevant questions are asked, the answers to which forms the crux of one's unique personality. We begin with questions related to the story. Whenever we see a movie which has a story, we try to connect or relate to one of the main characters. Some part of ours feel for one character predominantly. Many times we aspire to be like a character of some movie. This story, a commonplace fable, conditions ones mind and takes it away from the routine life. It makes one feel, think and relate. And the questions that follow, make one dig a tad deeper in retrospect. This, followed by a set of direct questions, make one ponder even more. This story that depicts ideal human characteristics is the basis of the SCID profile. The behavioural styles of the girl, the boy, the boatman, and the woodcutter cover almost all types of human natures. While the story portrays each personality trait in utter extremity, a human being is always a mix of all the four.


- Are you a solitary person, who likes to be alone OR
- Are you very cooperative OR
- Are you an innovator OR
- Are you dominating
- 16 hidden qualities surface up
- Find out your job/business/career options
- Predict the behaviour of people around you
- What kind of mindset shift is required for you to achieve your ultimate goal?

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