It begins with an interesting story video, which is so gripping that one just loosens up and gets free from any external thoughts, thus focusing totally on the test. After watching a movie, how one tends to speak one's heart out effortlessly if asked how did you like the movie or which character you liked most. This same psychological principle is used in all yellowskill tests. The story-video is followed by sets of questions, to which one has to give answers choosing from multiple choice options. Following the basic principles of modern psychology, the answers then culminate in a detailed analytical report describing the level of the above qualities.


- Are you creative OR
- Are you intellectual OR
- Do you have an entrepreneurs mindset
- 16 hidden qualities surface up
- Find out your job/business/career options
- Predict the behaviour of people around you
- What kind of mindset shift is required for you to achieve your ultimate goal?

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