Yellowskill helps you improve your aptitude and personality. Our aim is simple – to help job seekers, including graduates, young professionals or managers, to succeed. Our advice and tests will significantly increase the likelihood of this. Examine how you are likely to behave in the workplace, for example your interpersonal style, task management preferences and how you like to structure your time. Our online quizzes and practice tests have been designed by top psychologists.


An assessment tool that can measure human qualities.

Career zoning and assessment can be done for students using the CIS test of Yellowskill.

The nature and qualities of a human being changes from time to time depending on the life experiences and the current situations . What is your current nature of behaviour , as of now ? To know this use Yellowskill tests.

Assigning roles and responsibilities , creating teams are also among the other benefits of Yellowskill tests.

Yellowskill tests will give an insight to a company what kind of coaching or training is required to be imparted to the employees.

The best and simplest test for Self Analysis.

Our offerings For Student & Professionals

Tools from Yellowskill help you figure out your Core Competencies & many more qualities you never thought you possessed along with the best career option at this stage of life.

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Some FAQs

About Paid Test

It’s about career zoning, meaning, we figure our levels of creativity, intellect & entrepreneurship.

So today’s world demands innovators, and Jugaad as Wikipedia explains, works wonders in the area of work, and other wise too....

Among a group of people, we can figure who can create a team, who can lead it, who all can be perfect team players and who is a misfit for this team...

There should be a gap of atleast 3 to 6 months between two tests...

We are born with a pure white nature, then, as we grow, each life experience, gradually changes this pure white nature, into, say, a shade of yellow. Though, with every experience, we learn, but actually, life events kind of corrupt or change this pure white nature, hence, the colour yellow, is used in a slightly negative connotation here...

You should use a laptop / desktop with a headphone ideally, though you can do it on your phones too. Choose a quiet environment.

There is no time limit but ideally one should complete between 15 to 30 minutes...

Just go with the flow... what comes in your mind first as an answer is the right choice...

The attributes / qualities that you need to figure out decides what test to take.

That, at that point in time, you are a mix of all the 3 or 4 attributes / qualities, some are higher, some lower...

About Free Test

Networking is the best way to get the connections that you desire. Effective networkers work less and network more. You get new business opportunities and new clients if you are good at networking. It’s a good learning experience as well.

How good you are at pleasing, charming and making your date comfortable?

Lie detection - often we figure out people are lying, but we are doubtful. It’s difficult to understand if they are saying the truth or not. How do we find if a person is lying?

Body language - this is the most important aspect of presenting yourself effectively in front of a person/s. What you should do and what you shouldn’t with your body when conversing or presenting?


Founder & Author

Ashwini K Kukreja, is a self made entrepreneur with 25 years of experience, in hard core sales and people management. The author is now a Marshall Goldsmith certified coach, a Grow More Coach, with an ongoing ICF certification, a Trainer. He also runs a successful IT and Camera business, handling multiple retail outlets. He’s the owner and creator of the Yellowskill concept of bringing our current personality traits, by his unique assessment tools that help the Professional industry and the SMEs. He’s also created a career counselling tool for young budding students.


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